Wowcher 0870 280 2527

Give the Wowcher contact number a call if you would like to talk to the Wowcher customer service team about your recent Wowcher purchase or if you are thinking about purchasing from Wowcher. The Wowcher phone number accepts calls from 8am to 5:30pm, 5 days a week.


Wowcher Contact Number:
0870 280 2527



Wowcher is a daily deals website that offers special pricing on dining, travel, activities, physical goods, and more. Wowcher contact number 0870 280 2527 can be used to connect with a customer service agent who can answer questions and provide assistance. The local deals that are offered can be found in virtually any city in the UK, and all current deals can be found on the company website – From the main website, visitors can choose to enter their location to view local deals.

Wowcher Customer Services Information

Although the company website does provide an exhaustive list of frequently asked questions and answers, you may still need help with purchasing or redeeming a purchased voucher. Wowcher contact number 0870 280 2527 can be used if you would like to speak live with an agent. Email contact is also an option, and emails will need to be submitted from the website using the provided contact form. Social media is also an option if you would like to ask questions about products or local deals. Wowcher can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Live chat is an option as well, but this feature is only available during certain hours of the day.

Wowcher Contact for Daily Deals

Wowchers for daily deals are delivered via email, typically after the deal offering has officially closed. If you have made a purchase and not received this email, or have accidentally deleted your voucher, contact Wowcher. All vouchers can be canceled in exchange for a refund within 14-days of purchase. Any agent can help you with obtaining a refund. If your purchase is for a physical product, you will be provided with complete instructions for completing the purchase, and will be given a tracking number if the item is shipped. Lost or stolen deliveries or other delivery problems should be reported to the company.

Wowcher Helpline for Accounts

Creating a free account is the easiest way to keep track of all of your purchases. Having an account will also allow you to save one or more payment methods for fast and easy purchasing. If you need help with signing up, recovering your password, updating your account information, or deleting your account, contact Wowcher customer services at 0870 280 2527. Apps are available for Apple and Android, and they can be used to redeem vouchers. If you need help with downloading or using an app, contact a customer service agent for help.

Wowcher Contact Number for Merchants

If you are a merchant who would like to offer a product or service on the site, Wowcher contact number 0870 280 2527 can be used to obtain more information. Business offer information is also provided on the website, along with a contact form which can be used to submit information about the type of deal that you would like to offer. There are many product categories to choose from and no location is out of the question. Any business service agent can answer questions about how to get started, and can provide information about the current rates charged for providing your deal on the site.

Wowcher Contact for Problem Reporting

Although the company does their best to only offer valid deals, problems can take place during the redemption process. Wowcher complaints should be submitted by calling 0870 280 2527. When calling, be prepared to provide specific information about which voucher you are attempting to redeem, as well as details about why the redemption process is not going smoothly. In most cases, these problems can be solved rather quickly and without much hassle. The aforementioned contact number should also be used to report problems with physical goods, such as broken, faulty, or defective products. Contact Wowcher if you need help with any such issues.

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